Noel Németh

I'm a full stack developer and system administrator based in Hungary. In my free time I usually make small projects which you can see below. You can reach me at [email protected]

My projects

The things I previously made or I'm developing right now:

Experience: Software development

I started programming in 2016. My first program was a VB.NET application for modifying file attributes. Then I made some projects in C# to lear about the .NET Framework also during my school years we made console programs in C#.

I also enjoyed playing Minecraft so soon I started learning Java, this was around 2018. I made a few plugins but never finished them.

I was also interested in web techologies and I tried many languages and frameworks. I tried ASP.NET, PHP (I hate that language), Python with flask, and Node.js with express.js. The later is what stick with me, whenever I need to create a REST API express.js is the first thing I use for the backend.

For a long time I only used vanilla JS for fronted, I also tried jQuery, but later found and learnt React. I made a few pages in React, but nowadays I use next.js.

Back in the days when I had a lot of free time I came across Minestom, which is an open-source Minecraft server reimplementation. I started a project with it, but soon I become a regular contributor. I also made it's new website However due to other things in life I stopped contributing, but I'm looking forward to continue since it's a really great project!

Experience: System administrator

The very first service I made available is a Minecraft server for my friends and I on my PC, this was around 2014. From there my journey begin.

I got a Dell PowerEdge 1950 used which I still use to this day. At first I tried Windows Server 2012, but about half a year later I got into Linux and installed Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS. On this server I usually hosted my projects' backends in Docker containers that were managed by the CI/CD pipelines from the self-hosted GitLab instance.

For web I use nginx, it's my favourite webserver because it's easy configuration and high performance. I also use Cloudflare because of it's DDoS protection, but also because they offer great products like Pages, Images, R2 or D1.

At my current job I'm responsible for a network of about 2-300 end devices and about 6 server. There we use Proxmox with Windows and Ubuntu servers and also Alpine containers.